July 2023

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Diverse Recruiting - A Key Requirement for Companies in the Age of ESG EU Regulation

In the course of the EU's mandatory #ESG sustainability reporting (CSRD), HR managers are confronted with the urgent issue of sustainable HR management and thus bringing more diversity into the company and promoting it. Wondering how to successfully implement this in your company?
Sandra Teisinger-Tüllenburg, Executive Partner at Eblinger & Partner Executive Search, emphasizes the importance of management's clear and open commitment to a diverse workforce in the company and an inclusive work environment.

"Without this support, the strategic anchoring of the topic and a forward-looking, positive 'can-do' mindset, efforts to promote diversity and inclusion can come to nothing." HR leaders should therefore ensure that management takes ownership of the issue at the top level, is committed with conviction and supports all diversity & inclusion measures.

- Change of processes and attitude:
Introducing diverse recruiting processes requires a change in mindset and can mean additional work in the short term. Charlotte Eblinger points out that for equal opportunities in recruiting, it is necessary to reduce existing processes and unconscious biases. "Unconscious bias must be identified and reduced to ensure an objective selection of applicants. The notion that new employees* should be just like old ones to fit into the company and culture should be reconsidered."
- Implementing diversity and inclusion:
Eblinger & Partner, a company that is itself committed to diverse recruiting and specializes in consulting related to greater diversity and inclusion, offers keynote speeches, workshops and trainings on diverse recruiting methods and assists in planning and implementing comprehensive approaches to creating an inclusive work environment. This holistic approach helps companies develop effective strategies and promote sustainable diversity in all areas of the company.

- Conclusion: The implementation of diverse recruiting measures is not only a legal obligation under the ESG EU Regulation, but also an opportunity for companies to gain competitive advantages and ensure their long-term sustainability. The commitment of the management, the revision of processes and the promotion of an inclusive corporate culture are decisive steps on the way to successful diverse recruiting and thus create more diversity and inclusion in the company in the long term, away from symbolic politics.

Results of the Eblinger & Partner Executive Search "HR Barometer" for the 2nd half of 2023

With your support as an HR expert, we conducted a survey to obtain an assessment of current demand and changes in the HR industry.

The survey was divided into four topics:
- Expectations
- HR core topics
- Personnel demand forecast
- Breakdown of staffing needs into different areas

Expectations for the second half of 2023 do not differ from the previous situation for the majority of respondents, with 58.1% expecting the current situation to remain the same.

The core HR topics for the new half-year are diverse. 55.8% are focusing on recruiting and filling difficult positions. Employer branding and dealing with part-time, flexible working hours, 4-day week, home office and work-life balance are important for 46.5% of respondents each.

For the majority, 67.4%, staffing needs are expected to remain the same. In terms of staffing needs in different areas, it appears that Sales has the highest need at 40.7%, followed by IT at 32.6%.

Thank you for your support! The jointly generated survey results provide an important insight into expectations and focus areas in the second half of 2023.

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